This collection of articles offers many thoughts on stewardship and giving.  You may find something that relates to your own personal financial situation and desires.

The Bible on Finances - Crown Financial Ministries - Biblical references for every area of our Finances

When Giving Got Out of Control - Jay Link of Kardia Family Wealth Counselling

What's my Relationship with My Stuff? - Jay Link of Kardia Family Wealth Counselling

Why Discuss Charitable Giving With Your Clients - portion of ADVISORS with Purpose Handbook

Reinvesting in God - written by Joan Walters for the Hamilton Spectator on March 11, 2009

How Much Would You Give Away? - written by Jay Link, President of Kardia Family Wealth Counselling

The Economic Crisis - as published by in January 2009

Bible Finance 101 - This blog teaches readers on how to manage their finances based from Biblical principles.

Giving While Living - Greta Luimes

The Blessed Advisor - Jeff Spadafora, Halftime Ministries

Tithe on Assets - Terry Austin, Stewardship News

Giving Securities - a Win / Win - Greta Luimes

After the Faith Decision - Lorne Jackson

An Ancient Spiritual Discipline - Jan Kupecz

Getting to the Core of Planned Giving Options - Greta Luimes

Seeking First the Kingdom - Rev. Brenda Haggett

The Neglected Gift of the Spirit - Jan Kupecz

The Year End Gift that Keeps on Giving - Greta Luimes

Think and Grow Sick - Tom Lipp, member of ADVISORS with Purpose

Generous Giver or Obedient Courier - written by Jay Link, President of Stewardship Ministries

How to Stay Motivated When Feeling Fatigued - Dr. Rick Warren